What is Acuitas?

Acuitas is a automated crypto trading bot that provides strategies and tools to backtest, paper trade, and live trade the pairs you choose. Everything is built in and designed around the trader first.

Our philosophy from the beginning has been people need to see what they’re doing. As traders ourselves, we’re used to working directly with charting tools which help us make informed decisions and drive our trading strategies.

Setup is easy and straight forward. You add your license information, your exchange api keys (never stored locally and never transmitted to our license server), and then set your paper trading amounts (your play money).


Backtesting is a first class citizen in Acuitas. In fact, you cannot run paper trades or live trades without a backtest – this is part of the flow.

Along with backtesting fully integrated into they system, we have also made it as easy as possible to use.

You start by selecting a strategy. Next you choose which your common properties such at the pair, buy and sell types, amounts, and the candle period.

The strategy properties are displayed next to the common properties and come with default values. You can change any of these values to suit your need. We have intelligently combined secondary indicators the best compliment the primary indicator. In the case of our Bollinger Bands strategy, we’ve included RSI, trailing, and DCA.

Once your values have been set, we also provide a way to save them as a template to use again on another pair.

Clicking the Run button will backtest your strategy. Acuitas provides useful metrics such as total P&L and the percent of gain.

A fully functional integrated TradingView chart plots out all of the trades so you can see how your settings performed. No guessing or leaving the bot to plot out some results – everything is built in!

On the bottom we provide the list of all the trades and in the case of the example on the left, this includes all the DCA buy information as well.

Paper Trading

Once you have done your backtesting, it’s time to paper trade. 

Paper trading simulates how your pairs will perform through the trading engine. All strategy settings are used as well as the internal order book – just as they would be when trading for real.

The paper trading dashboard shows all your pairs in a condensed view. This allows you to always have an overview of everything happening. Asset prices, orders, and p/l status are all updated in real time, for every pair.

During this process you are free to further edit and tweak your settings as you see fit. You can even remove a pair if you choose and start over with a different strategy.

Clicking on a pair will display the details screen. This screen, again, updates prices, orders, and p/l status in real time. Manual buy and sell buttons are provided as well giving you total control over any time you want to enter or exit a trade. Manual DCA buys are also available and part of this flow.

Every pair strategy is also rendered in real time on a Trading View chart. Also displayed on the right side of the chart is the real time order book and real time trades list.

When you are satisfied with your pair performance, you can click on the pair Live Trade button which will then display a new live trade dialog with all your paper trade settings pre-populated. Again, you can tweak any settings you may have as well as adjust your buy amount based on your actual trading capital you have. Once everything looks good, you click the Create button and the live trade will be created and ready to go.



Real time live trading in action

Live Trading

Live trading runs almost exactly the same way as paper trading except that it uses real money and makes real trades. This is where the rubber hits the road and so, in order to keep surprises to a minimum, we have made all the interface elements exactly the same.

Just like with paper trading, there is a dashboard with all your pairs, with all the same controls, and same real time updates. (Scroll down to see some of the interactivity.)

And just as in paper trading, clicking on any pair will display the pair details.

Your pair and strategy information and configuration is displayed in a top bar along with the controls that allow you to make any changes you may want.

The info bar below that contains the current status of any open trade you may have as well as where the signal engine (The Sentinel) wants to exit at. There are buttons here to manually enter a position (along with buying more DCA), as well as a button to exit your position. You can even turn the trading engine off and still just place manually buy and sell orders.

The TradingView chart is a real chart, fully integrated with the interface. It displays all your orders and you have full zoom and panning control. Every strategy is rendered as expected giving you a real time view as to what is happening on your pair. No leaving the app – everything is built in!

Some strategies also have confirmation indicators like RSI, and these are all displayed as well and also update in real time. In addition (as the video shows) you can switch candle periods at will and everything updates as expected. We have built Acuitas so that you receive all the feedback you’d expect, all in real time.

Our team has years of experience building all types of web and mobile applications and we distilled those years of experience into the best user experience possible. As you navigate through each section and use the application controls, you will find that things move and update as you would expect. Panels flip over to reveal more information, there are sliders for on/off states, pricing and order book information animate as they do on the big exchanges. We wanted to make sure that the level of feedback was not only useful, but enjoyable.

We have put years of development into Acuitas and listened to our users to build the product and interface that we have all wanted to use.

Wait, there's more!

In addition to what we’ve described above, there is more to talk about! For starters, all the bot settings can be controlled via the Settings section. In here you can update your local account information like timezone and locale. You can also change – at any time – that play money capital amounts that paper trading uses.

The bot also offers convenient access to our growing library of team and community tutorial videos. Each video covers intricate settings and strategies not covered in the documentation and how they can be applied.

Finally, we are continuing to build out the internal documentation system. The documentation will cover all sections of the bot and explain what every button and info panel does and suggested hints on best applications.

Community & Support

We have been botting since 2016. We’ve used several bots and have been a part of several communities. From the beginning, we’ve understood that working together, we can make something great.

Acuitas was born out of how we thought a bot should work and we tapped a number of friends in our prior communities and asked them what they wanted to use and see.

We still talk to and get feedback daily from our users. They are the force that provides the needed beta testing, bug reporting, and answers to others questions.

Crypto users are just different (we think). We are plugged into so many different ways of thinking and we are at this point in history where are are part of a fundamental change taking over the world. In our experience, we haven’t met a more committed group of people that know the world is changing and there’s an opportunity for everyone to ride that wave into the future.

We have many hundreds of users on our Discord server helping and learning every day. We’re all there to help.

Get Started Now

All licenses are permanent. No additional fees or subscription costs. You own the license and it will always work for your major version (1.0, 2.0, etc). All prices in Bitcoin.







Still not there yet?

Ok, we get it. Like mentioned before, we’ve purchased bots before and understand that actions are louder than words.

That’s why we have provided a link below to download the FULL bot and evaluate it FOR FREE! We have made the entire bot full featured and you can use EVERYTHING except for live trading.

Once you’ve experienced the power and simplicity of the Acuitas way of doing things, we’re convinced you will want to trade and start making profits asap! So, click the link below, no strings attached, and get up and running now.