The Next Generation Algorithmic Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Acuitas is an intuitive and comprehensive algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform intelligently designed to provide all the information that traders require to make profitable trades.


Our Core

What is Acuitas?
Acuitas is the World’s Next Generation Cryptocurrency Trading Platform. It is a complete platform that integrates an interactive dashboard, a backtesting engine and paper trading engines, along with in bot instructional videos that create a seamless and powerful trading experience.

The Acuitas platform delivers an unparalleled crypto trading experience due to the simplicity of the design, giving new users a head start, as well as delivering powerful tools for the advanced trader.

Since the intimidation factor has been eliminated, beginners can start using the platform on day one starting with straight forward backtesting. It includes options for paper trading to test forward within the defined strategy set and options to dial into any specific result for fine tuning and tweaking parameters.

Experienced traders can dive into quickly configuring their backtests (which can be saved, loaded and shared) and making sure their paper trades are dialed how they want, and then flipping them over to live trading. There are no limits on pairs, so trade as many as you want.

Why Acuitas?

The First Unified Cryptocurrency Platform
The first unified platform encompassing algorithmic cryptocurrency trading, strategies, market information, and community.

Acuitas places the focus back on trading by eliminating the issues described with the current generation of algorithmic trading bots. There are no configurations files. The core set of strategies are hand picked for power and simplicity. Everything is displayed graphically making interaction with all portions of the platform easy and intuitive.

You don’t need IT knowledge to get Acuitas running and the chart & analysis tools are built in. With Acuitas, traders will find a home in the cryptocurrency world where they can learn and build a safe investment portfolio.

What does owning a single Acuitas License grant me?

We define 1 (one) Acuitas license as a running instance of the software. Each of the named products will contain a number of licenses within it, as well as other differences as listed. You can run as many instances of the software as you have within your purchased product.

1 License = 1 Exchange = 1 API key pair.

What platforms does it run on and what are the system requirements?

Acuitas runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For Windows we recommend Windows 10 (or equivalent), a minimum of 4GB ram, at least 2 cpu cores. The Windows version also includes a native installer that bundles all the requirements to run.

For Mac, we recommend a minimum of 8GB ram, OS X 10.12, and the Open JDK v8 runtime.

For Mac, we recommend a minimum of 4GB ram, Ubuntu 18 or higher, and the Open JDK v8 runtime.


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