The next generation crypto trading bot

Acuitas is an intuitive and comprehensive algorithmic cryptocurrency trading bot intelligently designed to provide all the information that traders need to make profitable trades.

easy to use strategies

All strategies are gui first and consistently applied throughout the bot. No exiting to third party sites to get results or editing of text files. From backtesting through to live trading, every included strategy adheres to what you see is what you get.

successful PROVEN workflow

Every pair starts with a backtest. Once you have tuned your strategy, it's off to paper trading. When you're comfortable with your paper trade performance, you can move your configuration to live trading. You are in control every step of the way and can tweak your settings at any time.

security and control

Acuitas was built to be secure and keep you in control. You decide where and how to run it. From the start your bot is password protected and we never store any of your exchange information on our servers. Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms are supported.

regular updates

Acuitas uses semantic versioning and each minor version update is free to existing license holders. New features and fixes are typically rolled out on a consistent basis. Major releases are available at a discount.

How does Acuitas work?

Our philosophy from the beginning has been people need to see what they’re doing. As traders ourselves, we’re used to working directly with charting tools which help us make informed decisions and drive our trading strategies.

Setup is easy and straight forward. You add your license information, your exchange api keys (only ever stored locally and never transmitted to our license server), and then set your paper trading amounts (your play money).

All the bot top level functions are located on the side navigation bar and are visible at all times. So, it’s easy to jump from one section to another.

Backtesting is where everything starts. You choose a strategy, select your pair, set basic order info, and tune your strategy settings.

When you run the backtest, you see a real chart with the strategy rendered, all the orders plotted, and the full order/trade list. There is also statistical data displayed so you can see your profit and loss.

your ONLY weapon

All licenses are based on a yearly subscription. All prices in Bitcoin and adjusted frequently.



Frequently asked questions

Acuitas places the focus back on trading by eliminating setup and configuration issues that plague the current generation of algorithmic trading bots. There are no configurations files. The core set of strategies are hand picked for power and simplicity. Everything is displayed graphically making interaction with all portions of the platform easy and intuitive.

You don’t need IT knowledge to get Acuitas running and the chart & analysis tools are built in. With Acuitas, traders will find a home in the cryptocurrency world where they can learn and build a safe investment portfolio.

We define 1 (one) Acuitas license as a running instance of the software. Each of the named products will contain a number of licenses within it, as well as other differences as listed. You can run as many instances of the software as you have within your purchased product.

1 License = 1 Exchange = 1 API key pair.

Acuitas runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For Windows we recommend Windows 10 (or equivalent), a minimum of 4GB ram, at least 2 cpu cores. The Windows version also includes a native installer that bundles all the requirements to run.

For Mac, we recommend a minimum of 8GB ram, OS X 10.12, and the Open JDK v8 runtime.

For Linux, we recommend a minimum of 4GB ram, Ubuntu 20 or higher, and the Open JDK v8 runtime.

We know timely bug fixes and shiny new features are a given in the crypto trading world. We use the symantic versioning system of major.minor.patch. Patches will usually include mostly bug fixes. Minor will usually include new features and also bug fixes. Major are big upgrades and we are still on 1.x.x major version.

We try to release minor and/or patch versions every 6-8 weeks. Betas are usually available to a select group of people in our community and are always announced before hand.

We host a vibrant community on Telegram. We have been running this since 2018 and this is where all our support, news, and communication happens. Drop by and ask any questions you may have.

Absolutely! We provide a Windows installer and a Mac/Linux zip archive*.

Windows installer:

Mac/Linux zip archive:


* For Mac/Linux, you will need to install the Java JRE Open JDK 8 located at this link:

we love our community

Together we profit

Acuitas was literally built with the support of our users. Even before the product was available, we had a large number of supporters behind us.

Over the years the software has evolved from just a few strategies to almost a dozen (with more on their way). We’ve maintained a simple setup and have with suggestions from the community, completely rebuilt the ui.

Throughout this process we have continued to listen to our community, gather feedback, and sometimes just hang out and talk shop.

Anyone is free to join and share their input. We welcome it. Join us on Telegram!


"You guys have done a great job! Kepp the good work comin, peace!"
"I'm still amazed by what you guys have built. I've been here since the beginning and I feel like I've watched a baby learn to walk and now I'm seeing a powerful olympic athelete."
"I finally understand Bollinger Bands now! You guys have made this so easy."
"The market is back, and so are my profits. More licenses please!"
"Thank you for all your support - you guys have helped me make my money back in less than a week. Unbelievable.."
"Do I give out product testimonials - no. Never. But, I just had to say I love this bot. Well. done."